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Yea for people without BIG heads!
Hello there.  So just a little update on the progress of Defective Man and the other SB-Films projects in progress.  Last Sunday we had our first read-through, and it went well.  Many of our leads, including Defective Man (Chris Ranney), Hevvy Flo (Haylee Nelson), Captain Orange-Piss (Jonathan Scorza), made it to the read-through.  Unfortuantely our Bill Gill dropped out (I think I mentioned this already - if you want to be a fish in a indy b-movie, email me:, and our Horn Dog didn't make it.  My intended Assistant Director, Art Black, was there, and read for Horn Dog for the day.  Steve Eckles - producer, story, co-screenplay - was also there, reading for, well, most everyone else.  I think it went well - the actors were laughing, a lot, so that's a good sign.  And after finally reading the entire script, no one dropped out because of it, so THAT's good as well!

I also got an update from Trent "I was on the front page of VARIETY" Haaga who is still down to be in our little indy flick even though his script, Poor Things, will be starting to shoot in LA with... BIG names.  Check it out:  I personally think that this is AMAZING.  How many folks finally get their big break from the indy world (and Trent has been in the indy world since starring in Terror Firmer in 1999), and then still act in little $5k movies like ours?  Trent, Trent, he's out man, if he can't do it... oh, who are we kidding - he CAN do it!

Also, looks like The Mike Project ( will be contrbuting music to DM!, possibly a DM! theme in the works.  Go check out the tunes - it's like a one-man Sublime show, all acoustic.  It rocks.

So that's it for now kiddies, keep them peepers peeled for more info soon!
2007-04-05 16:02:08 GMT
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(Steve E. here)

Excellent work!! Trent Haaga in our movie! And The Mike Project totally rocks!! It all seems like a dream, but it's really coming together. I've also got some good news re. locations, but I'll tell you (Ryan) more about that tomorrow.

Thanks again to all of our terrific actors, and please (anyone) put out the word that we're going to need more non-speaking players for several scenes. Also, if anyone would like to donate food or props, we won't say no.

As the Beastie Boys would say, "No sleep 'til Brooklyn!!"

Okay bye.

Steve E.

2007-04-06 04:42:32 GMT
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