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Our Fish has Flown the Farm
Tomorrow we have our first (finally) read-through with the major characters in the cast.  This morning I was informed that the actor slated to play Bill Gill and The Reporter has dropped out - industrial accident, something along the lines of the Terminator and the hydraulic press (if you remember that).  Actually, no, it was some personal stuff, but either way we're out an actor.  Which means we now have 2 speaking roles open.

The Reporter: This role would be a one day shoot, this character appears at the climax of the film and has a decent amount of dialogue.

Bill Gill: Bill is one of the 4 heroes.  Anyone aspiring to play Bill would have to do so from behind a latex fish-head mask (see sketch above), and would be speaking a made up language called "gill-speak."  Bill is in approx. 70% of the script, so he is a major character.

Anyone interested, please email me to set up an audition:
2007-03-31 14:40:42 GMT
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