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So Close to Being Done I Can Taste It (Mmmm... tastes like finished...)
Today we re-assembled across from Burning Paradise at Java Joe's (Thanks for letting us take over your parking lot!) and shot what I had wanted to shoot last time, but had not the extras to do so.  We had enough people this time to get our two groups of protestors, the Puritanical Pride group, and Albuqueruqe's Pro-Censorship League (see pic above).  So we got that done, and then moved to an alley downtown (right next to some big budget film crew that I'm sure spent more on their budget for craft services for today than we have spent on our entire movie) and got the shots we needed of Horn Dog (Arturo Negro) running into the two aforementioned groups.  Everything went really well today, people were there pretty close to when we wanted them to be, and enough people actually showed up to shoot thes scenes.  At our budget level, that is all I can ask for.

Next weekend (hopefully) we will shoot two more quick scenes, and then all that will be left are the Courtroom scene, and Hevvy Flo at the very end of the film hiding out in a hotel room.  So Steve is trying to find us a hotel room.  And the courtroom... well... grr argh.  We knew of a courtroom that was not used by the courts, so we asked about 4 or 5 months ago to use it.  We were told that APS was in there, but should be out in October or November.  Well, they are finally out, so we asked again if we could use the courtroom, and were told (after our nice long wait) that we had to get permission from the COUNTY.  Well, of course, they wanted us to have insurance (we got a quote before we started shooting, and for our $5k budgeted movie, the cheapest quoe we could get was $6k... anyone else see a problem with that math???) so that's just out.  We decided to do the scene with audio over courtroom sketches, like they do on TV when cameras are not allowed in the courtroom.  Hopefully, it will work out well.  I think it will, and if not, oh well, what else can we do???  Courtrooms aren't exactly plentiful.

Almost done... almost done... almost done...

Scenes Shot: 58, 60 (and scene 73 will now be semi-animated)

Scenes Done: 123 out of 128

Amount of DM! shot: 96%
2008-12-08 03:49:39 GMT
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