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Dancing Machines!
Today was one of our LAST major filming days ever, ever!  We were able to get quite a few scenes done.  Kurly Tlapowaya was kind enough to let us rob his store, so Burning Paradise was featured in the movie with our own Sara Lehmann (script supervisor) playing the Clerk and Kurly donning the mask of the Robber.  We then moved up to BP's roof to shoot a nice non-sequiter scene of Horn Dog running into two nuns and a Gangsta (Reina Flores, Bertha Eckles, and Michael E. Beard) shooting craps.  Next we got our dance scene done (hence the diagram above) and it was great.  Joe Gallegos hooked us up with dancers.  I asked for 4 - 6, hoping we'd at least get two.  We got 8!  That's right, 8 kick ass dancers all with a great sense of humor showed up.  We got two dancers to do our speaking roles of Lyle (Daniel Garcia) and Big B-Boss (Preston Sam), two dancers to stand in for DM (Jonte Culpepper) and HD (Chris Chavez), and then four more (Joe Gallegos, Christian Jojola, Luke Loffelmacher and Christopher Little) to be back-up dancing hoodlums.  They all rocked (thanks guys!) more than I could have hoped for.

Lastly we shot HD arriving at BP post-rooftop beating.  We were also supposed to shoot an additional scene involvgin protesters, but only 3 arrived and one became the Gangsta when our scheduled Gangsta did not arrive... or call... God, I love no-budget filmmaking!

So we're almost, alomst, ALMOST done!

Scenes Shot: 39, 60A, 61, 85

Scenes Done: 120 out of 128

Amount of DM! shot: 94%

2008-10-26 23:02:23 GMT
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