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A blog covering the production of SB-Films' feature, "Defective Man!"
Thanks, Craigslist!
Today was our last day of filming in the South Valley, and overall I was pretty pleased with how it went. There were problems - we only had 4 extras, our "Reporter" bailed on us at 5 this morning, and of course the truckers had to stop and say something - but over all it went pretty smooth. Lucky for me the 4 extras we DID have today were fine with standing in the sun and wearing silly t-shirts, and one person I got in contact through Craigslist to be an extra was able to step up and play the Reporter. So we still got everything done we had hoped to today, and early enough to let Haylee ("Hevvy Flo") get to work on time, to let Adam ("Mike", also the director of the well-aforementioned The Hooker Incident and co-writer /co-star of Necroville) and let Billy ("The President of New Mexico" {pictured above}, star of the also-well-aforementioned Gimme Skelter and co-star / co-director of Necroville) get back to Bubonicon and sell some more DVDs.* That man has some selling skills, let me tell you what.

So now we just have next weekend, and then we are a couple of random scenes away from finishing principal photography! It's almost done shooting... almost... feels good... crap, that means I then have to really, REALLY start editing. But at least no more days out in the hot, hot august sun being yelled at by truckers in one of the much-less desireable places to be in Albuquerque. Whatta ya gonna do, that's what you have to deal with to make a movie for as little as this one has!

Scenes Shot: 57, 93, 95, the other 1/2s of 114 & 115, 116, 123, 125

Scenes Cut: 91, 92

Scenes Done: 116 out of 127

Amount of DM! Shot: 91%

*The DVDs Billy was involved with selling are Scott Phillips' Gimme Skelter and his own Necroville. Gimme Skelter is available nation-wide from Halo-8 ( August 26th, and Necroville is available nation-wide right now on their site ( or on on September 30th (Gimme Skelter is also available on as of August 26th). Both are great exmaples of people making really fun films without a lot of money. I reccomend you check them out!

2008-08-24 22:30:24 GMT
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