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Hottest Day of the Year???
We headed back to the depths of the South Valley today to continue on the grand finale of the film, the Water Treatment Plant.  Or to be more exact, the “Smegma Flats Pump Station.”  We only had a few g’s roll by this week, and only a few truckers slowing down to look at the guy with the cock on his head (or the fish, or the guy in spandex, but most likely the guy with the cock on his head).  It went quite well, except for the fact that it was HOT AS HELL – our actors were method acting today for the “hottest day of the year” – and there isn’t much in the way of shade out there, as we don’t have access inside, only outside.

We also had Max Martinez come out today as our edible-undie-eating security guard, and I think that all went very well.  Max was one of the people we cast way back with our auditions in January of 07, it was very cool that a year and a half later he was still ready and willing to play the part, and he did great.

So that’s that, another day down.  Next up we have a couple of quick scenes this Tuesday, and then a couple of weekends off because heroes will be out of town.  Then back in the South Valley on the 24th to finish up at Smegma Flats.

Also, I forgot before to remove the animated scenes from the listing of what we have done, as we recorded the dialogue and shot the still photos Art needs to make that happen.  So I am putting down on the done list this week.

Scenes Shot: 110, 111, ½ of 115, 117, 119, 122 (Scenes Animated: 69, 71, 83, 127)

Scenes Cut: 120

Scenes Done: 109 out of 129

Amount of DM! Shot: 85%
2008-08-03 21:09:09 GMT
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