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Defective Man is back in black! Ok, well, red and grey, but he's back!
So I really should have been posting something up here last weekend, but I didn't have internet access at home so it had to wait.  So goodie for you, you get two weeks of DM! shooting news in one convenient package.

Last week the four heroes and I went out to our swanky new location in the ultra-hip South Valley of Albuquerque (yes there were gang tags, and bullet holes, and deranged looking truckers wondering why there was some dude with a cock on his head wandering around their part of town, but at least no one got hurt…) and shot our first Exterior Water Treatment Plant scenes.  This new place – thanks, Autumnwood Furniture for allowing us near your property! – will work much better than our old location for the Ext. Water Treatment Plant. 

We almost got rained out.  I decided to tape a plastic bag around the camera, so we could at least get scene 26 done, which we shot down the street from our location.  So we got that done, and the rain let up, so we went ahead and shot the rest of what we had planned (except one tiny scene we overlooked, we’ll get that one there next time) even though it wasn’t beautiful out.  But we made due and got done.

Today we went down near Java Joe’s on Central and 8th for a few more scenes.  We started by knocking scene 56 out of the way, and then we moved on to 37 and 38.  These two scenes involve the heroes saving a Homeless Man from two Young Hoodlums.  Well, Hoodlum #2 never showed up, so the heroes ended up saving our Homeless Man from Hoodlum #1 only.  The scene worked out fine, and I think it will play well in the end, but cutting the second Hoodlum means I lost one of my favorite and most obscure references that no one ever gets but I put it in everything anyway: “Do it, Doug!”  Oh well, I guess I’ll have to find some other place to slip that in.   After we finished the fight scene, I took off with our Homeless Man and shot the last of Defective Man’s advertising.  Overall, two good days of filming, and now we have a bunch more stuff knocked out.  Be done soon… we swear…

Speaking of that, I added a short teaser trailer to the videos section of Defective Man’s myspace ( come check it out and please feel free to comment – good, bad or ugly!

Scenes Shot: 26, 109, 112, 113, part of 114 (7/13); 56, 37, 38, 132 (7/20)

Scenes Done: 99 ½ out of 130

Amount of DM! shot: 77%

2008-07-20 22:06:01 GMT
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