Defective Days
A blog covering the production of SB-Films' feature, "Defective Man!"
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So we fianlly shot some more DM! last night.  Haylee, Steve, Tracy and I got together to finish up the necessary items at this house (I'm moving very soon).  We used those magazine covers we made back in the end of April (above is one of the four, the rest can be seen at  We shot 41/42 (inbetween these scenes is where the magazines show up), 62 (Flo marking up schematics of the "Water Treatment Plant"), and 124 (Flo preparing to go on the lam). 

We will soon be going full-swing again, I'm just waiting on a couple of scheduling issues to resolve, then we will know out the rest.  Steve found us a better Water Treatment Plant location, deep in the South Valley...

Also, we have decided to let Art Black do some animations in the film as well.  Should be pretty fun!  He has creted a little test, but I know not how to post that thing here.  Maybe he can tell me, and it will show up NEXT post!

Scenes Shot: 42, 62, 124

Scenes Done: 91 out of 130

Amount of DM! shot: 70%
2008-06-22 15:49:17 GMT
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