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TromaDance New Mexico 2007

Hello everyone.  Just a real quick post to say that the TDNM07 schedule is finally up, and SB-Films is in there for the 4th year out of 4 years.  Pretty freakin' sweet, says me.  TDNM04 had Time Has Come (the Film), 05 had After the End, act I and Before the End: The Making of 1/3 of a Movie, 06 had Nact van de Duivel DVD-Speler and this year will have the first Defective Man! trailer.  Also playing this year that I was involved in - Adam Jarmon Brown's The Hooker Incident (I was the DP), and Scott Phillips' Gimme Skelter (I was the AD, co-DP, "Cell Phone Guy" and some other stuff as well).  Anyway, come out for a fun weekend of (mostly) locally made films.  Check out for more info.  Hope to see you there...


Here's the schedule:

Day 1 | Friday, Nov. 16


Lloyd Kaufman Presents: Poultrygeist!!

$10 Admission


Day 2| Saturday, Nov. 17

12 - 2pm: Make Your Own Damn Movie Master Class!

Lloyd Kaufman Presents His Legendary Filmmaking Seminar!

$10 Admission

2:30 pm: Festival Screenings Begin (Full Schedule Up Soon)

$8 Admission Per Screening Block

2:30 Shorts Block A

The Hooker Incident

The Misled Romance of Cannibal Girl & Incest Boy

Penisella 1


Screamer Clauz

Troma VS Hollywood

Suburban Heroes 1

Let's Go To The Drive-In


4:10 Darkside of the Moonshine

5:50 Shorts Block B

Maid For TV

Penisella 2

Freakin' Zombies Man!

Syndi's 1st Dragon-Con


Nancy Ray Smiggen's Family Tree


Little Known Facts


7:30 Teen Ape Goes To Camp

8:40 Gimme Skelter

10:20 Poultrygeist


Day 3| Sunday, Nov. 18

12 Noon: Festival Screenings Continue (Full Schedule Up Soon)

$10 Admission Per Screening Block

12 Noon Vampire The Movie

1:25 Shorts Block C

Walking With Homogeekus

Defective Man! Trailer

Penisella 3


Duke City Nights

The Kegger

Carol's Little World

Come Uppance

Ghost of the Marquis de Sade


3:05 Land of Entrapment

4:35 Shorts Block D

Out To Lunch

The End

Inner Conceptions

Penisella 4

Fugue State Trailer



Anyone Whose Anyone

Strange Visit


6:15 Feature Length Shorts

7:25 Faithful & The Foul

8:50 Necroville

10:30 Poultrygeist

2007-11-09 23:07:14 GMT
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