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Other Than Defective Man!
Hello there. So I wanted to take a quick moment to discuss a couple of upcoming projects OTHER than Defective Man! While DM! is most certainly the major focus for SB-Films this year, we decided to cut our teeth on the new equipment by filming a couple of shorts. If you have been paying attention to or these may sound familiar, if not here's what's up!


This film will be the next SB-Films project, and will give us a chance to try out the Panasonic DVX-100A w/wide angle lens and our light kit. We'll use the new mic on this as well, but not very much as this film has no dialogue. If everything goes as planned right now, this film will star two local ABQ electronica artists: the New Mexican Emperor of drum'n'bass, Brian Botkiller (see more about him at or www,, will be playing "The Man" and local experimental IDM artist WURM ( will be "The Pain." Hopefully WURM, Brian Botkiller, and maybe myself (aka SCG) will collaborate on the soundtrack to this film. To be shot soon... more updates to come!

Mile 173

I've been talking about doing this one for a while, and at one point SB-Films had put together a cast, DP, and rehearsals... and then we never heard from the "DP" ever again. And then our male lead had to go to Rhode Island to shoot a movie. And then somewhere out of country. And it fell apart. Anyway, we plan to shoot this one following CLUSTER, once we can find a good deserted bit of road to shoot it on. Mile 173 is a re-telling of the "Resurrection Mary" ghost story, reset in the Albuquerque desert. Should be a fun, dark, creepy lil' flick.


Now that we're all set up with equipment, SB-Films is also in the market to make some music videos. Ryan is discussing this with a member of a local band (that will remain unnamed until something more solid is set up), as well as with Farmington "Ticking-Time Bomb Punk Rockers" sMoKe ( I was also thinking of making the first ever SCG music video - seems like it's about time as I have been writing music under the moniker "SCG" since 2001.

There's Art in Albuquerque?

This is a proposed 3-part documentary dealing with the public art in Albuquerque. Ryan is going to submit a proposal to the Governor's Cup about this film, as this year the Cup is dealing with short documentaries. There's Art in Albuquerque? is intended to be made in 3 twenty to twenty-five minute segments, the first of which is being proposed for the Cup. Part 1 would deal with the city-commissioned art in Albuquerque (Albuquerque has one of the oldest city-funded public art programs in the US), part 2 would be focused on the privately commissioned public art (such as the store fronts in the Nob Hill area) and part 3 would be dealing with the graffiti issue - is graffiti art? And other than age, is it really any different than the Petroglyphs?

...and Ryan was also thinking of possibly resurrecting Time Has Come, the sketch comedy show that was SB-Films' introduction to Albuquerque. So if anyone out there is interested in helping write and act in a sketch comedy show in the vein of Monty Python's Flying Circus or Mr. Show, send me an email: We have a few sketches writing for the original show that never got made, and we're also interested in collaborating with new talent to come up with some new comedy.

Well, I think that's enough for now...

2007-03-22 15:57:45 GMT
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