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A blog covering the production of SB-Films' feature, "Defective Man!"
Quick and easy, quick and easy... why can't EVERY WEEKEND be so quick and easy?!
First off, above is the new SB-Films logo, drawn by local Albuquerque tattoo / mural artist Dave Briggs (you can check him out here) and colored by me.

This weekend was quick, easy, and smooth.  I wish every weekend would go so well.  Saturday we were at the Guild at 9am, shooting by 9:30 and done by 11. 

We had some great last-last-minute help from Mark, Alex, and Sam.  Mark - a regular from my old video store - was supposed to be in the movie later in a scene that we decided to cut; with about a day's notice he came out and played Ronny's salesman.  Also with less than 24 hours notice was Alex who stepped in as our angsty Sophomore.  And finally, Sam returned (he was actually in the audience for the Ronny and DM presentations) with less than 24 hours notice to fill the role of Jimny-Bob, Ronny's security dude. 

Also at the Guild was Adam Brown (director of the afore mentioned short film I DP'd, now titled "The Hooker Incident" - you can see it here) to play Mike, Hevvy Flo's inside man at the water plant.  He, unlike most the rest of the people there (except Art as Horn Dog), was actually cast back in our January auditions as Mike.  We'll be out at his place NEXT weekend to shoot our "Bill Gill in East LA" scene.

After the Guild we took Sam to one other quick location to get him checking out the secret lair.  It looked great, I thinks!!!

Sunday we got two more scenes done, Bill Gill's park bench scene, and a clip from Captin Orange-Piss' movie, "The Untitled Captain Orange-Piss Project).  Quick and easy.

Scenes shot: 46, 47, 76, 78, 94, 104, 129

SCENES CUT: 8, 98, 99, 100

Scenes Done: 76 out of 130

Amount of DM! shot: 58%
2007-10-14 21:44:50 GMT
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Nice, I love that logo.
--brian botkiller
2007-10-19 16:32:41 GMT
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