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A blog covering the production of SB-Films' feature, "Defective Man!"
Tired. Dusty, and tired.
We finished the "secret lair" scenes today, and also got our first Bill Gill stuff shot.  That's a relief, finally our "four heroes" are actually, well FOUR heroes.  Josh Saavedra is Bill, and I think he'll be just fine in this role.  He has a good sense of putting inflection into the "gillspeak," Bill Gill's native toungue.

We again started a bit later than I had hoped, but not too late.  It took a bit to get up and running, but once we were actually moving, things went smoothly.   We even got an EXTRA scene in there today, as we have decided to use Paul's short parody of the "Head On" commercials (Hard On - apply directly to the foreskin...) in Defective Man!  Plus we shot everything we needed to shoot, so that's awesome.

In  other news, The Mike Project just sent me version #2 of the Defective Song.  This will be added to the teaser trailer I am cutting right now with hopes of getting it into this year's TromaDance New Mexico.  Especially since CLUSTER won't be in there... never found anyone willing / interested in doing the effects, so maybe CLUSTER will be in there NEXT year (with Defective Man! hopefully...)

So that's that.  I'm tired and dusty and I want to watch some Heroes now.

Scenes shot: 31, 33, 34, 36, 44, 52, 65, 67, 97, 106, 108 (and the new "Hard On" scene)

Scenes done: 69 out of 134

Amount of DM! shot: 52%
2007-10-08 01:21:54 GMT
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