Defective Days
A blog covering the production of SB-Films' feature, "Defective Man!"

We did our first interior shots at Garcia’s Tents yesterday.  Overall it went ok, but we were moving slow and starting late, not a good combo.  We also were unable to shoot a couple of scenes I had scheduled, due to a lack of hands, basically.


We got scene 18 done (changing it from night to day), which is Defective Man and Horn Dog bringing their stuff into the “secret lair.”  Also we finished scene 19, Defective Man checking out his “powerhouse computer” (a Tandy TRS-80!) and Horn Dog trying to get his vibrating bed to work.  We then shot 23 and 25, the introduction to the Defective Phone and first Defective Phone Call.  And lastly (well, actually first-ly, as it was the first thing we did) we shot Horn Dog painting his latest masterpiece, Boobies in Blue #12 (scene 128).


Also on the agenda were scenes 31, 106, and 108, but a lack of hands kept us from shooting them.  Our entire cast / crew yesterday consisted of Paul (DM), Art (HD / Assistant Director), Steve (Capt. Orange-Piss / Producer / PA), and myself.  So the problems came once the Captain was needed on screen… there was no one to hold the boom.  Ah, the wonders of LOW budget filmmaking.  So we put these scenes off until next time.


I’m going to reschedule more for next Sunday, and try to pack in the rest of the “secret lair” scenes into next Sunday and, if needed, one more day in the corner of Garcia’s Tents.  It’s a great location, but a pain in the ass to set up at!  Our “lair” is in the back corner of the upper floor of a giant warehouse, which means carrying all of our stuff up a giant flight of metal stair and all the way to the back corner of this giant place.  So that’s not fun.  Plus, that place is DUSTY AS HELL, not making for fun shooting.  So I basically want to get us in and out of that corner asap. 


Scenes shot: 18, 19, 23, 25, 128

Scenes done: 58 out of 134

Amount of DM! shot: 44%

2007-10-01 15:57:39 GMT
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