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A blog covering the production of SB-Films' feature, "Defective Man!"
Retrograde Wheelbarrow

This weekend there was no Defective Man! shooting going on, but there still was a lot going on!  First off, on the Defective Man! front, Steve went out corset shopping with one of our new additions, Vanessa.  Also we started talking to a costume company about getting some deals for us.  And we also should have the Bill Gill mask before too much longer, so that’ll be great too.


I spent this weekend working on Adam Jarmon Brown’s short film.  I’m not going to go into many specifics (‘cause it’s not my film and I don’t know what Adam does or does not want people to know about it!), but it was a twisted comedy short starring Robert Medrano (co-screenwriter of  Scream, Science Bastard, Scream! and star of Cross) and Aaron Work (of Gimme Skelter and Duke City Nights).  It went well, we got through most of 11 pages in less than 9 hours total.  I was the DP, and basically lit and shot the whole thing.  Between Adam’s quite funny script, the great performances given by both the leads (and by the third, as of yet unmentioned character – don’t want to give anything away), and the bit of my own camera style I tried to work in there, I think it’s gonna be sweet.  I wish I was better at lighting, but I think I worked in some nice angles and shots, and that the composition was interesting… I tried to work in a lot of foreground stuff to look at while the action goes on in the… well… the middle-ground I guess?  So now it’s all up to Adam, as he takes it to editing.  Congrats to him on directing his first short!


So, back to Defective Man!

2007-09-17 14:44:33 GMT
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