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What a night.

So we headed back to Park’s last night to get the last of the opening scenes done.  We got there around 7 and were shooting by a little before 8.  Again, we had to make some last second changes due to the actual office location, and our number of extras/actors.  We cut a scene (8) because it really didn’t do much to move the story along, it wasn’t really necessary, and it would have required another lighting set up.  We also added in a bit of business involving the Receptionist letting the rest of the office know that Defective Man and Horn Dog really are GONE.


It went pretty well once we got into it.  I was able to get some good movement in the camera – 2 dolly shots, some pans, and some quick-moving hand-held – and I think our lighting was pretty decent overall.  I still wish I had a dedicated lighting person, instead of having that hat on top of all my others.  I’m not bad at lighting, but I’m not great either – it’s a good thing that I’m just going for “natural” looking light in most scenes, nothing fancy.  But when I shoot my giallo, I know I need a cinematographer.  I can’t light that one myself and have it look the way I want it to look.


Also, in addition to the few extra jokes we added in with the receptionist, Paul (DM) had a good ad-lib that he added that was really funny, and we got some good stuff in Defective Man’s and Horn Dog’s offices.  We decided to decorate Horn Dog’s office with a Citizen Toxie poster; Defective Man’s office was adorned with his favorite method of memo making – the yellow sticky note.


Overall, a good night.  Longer and later than I had hoped as I had to go to work today, but we got it done.  The only office scenes we did not shoot are Mr. Rafferty’s “flashbacks” – showing the origin of our heroes.  The office location didn’t have a storage closet that would work.  There was a possibility of faking it, but with time crunching and faking it taking longer, we decided to put off those scenes and we will do them at a different location that actually has a storage closet they can fall into.


It’s coming along.


Scenes shot: 3, 5, 8 (was cut), 15, 17


Scenes done: 45 out of 134


Amount of DM! shot: 34%

2007-08-30 15:20:32 GMT
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