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GRR. ARGH. But yet…
Ok, let me explain.  We got to our location today and get started.  Brian “Botkiller” was playing our Young Man, he was there already; Chris Ranney was playing our Middle-Aged Man, he was there already.  As was Steve, Sara, Paul, and now, myself and Tracy.  So we got lights set up in the bathroom (which was different than I had planned on and required some on-the-spot re-writes) and got right into the first scenes of the movie.  We got the scenes of just the Young Man and Middle-Aged Man done, and were ready to add Defective Man and Horn Dog to the mix.  But we had no Horn Dog.  

Sara got on the phone to Dickie, and we soon found out that we had no Horn Dog so far because Horn Dog was not coming.  Dickie and his room mate had gotten into some sort of accident (I’ll admit, once we got past the “I’m not coming” part of the talk, I kinda zoned out so I’m not sure all the details) and Dickie would not be able to play Horn Dog.  GRR.  ARGH.  The movie was falling apart in my head – I saw all these YEARS of work on script and pre-production and so on and so forth going up in smoke.  Less than smoke.  Dust.

Lucky for myself and Steve and all of Defective Man! that Arthur – my assistant director who really did not have a whole hell of a lot of interest in any large roles – stepped up and donned the horn.  And he did a kick ass job.  Thanks to him stepping up into THE SECOND LARGEST ROLE IN THE FILM WITH NO NOTICE, we got a lot done today.  And I know that Art will be there, so I guess it’s the 4th time that is the charm for us.

Scenes shot: 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14, 16

Scenes done: 40 out of 134

Amount of DM! shot: 30%

2007-08-27 03:52:30 GMT
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Right on!! Arthur, if you're reading this, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You complete me! I'll work on making that "horn" more comfortable.

Arthur did a GREAT job; in fact EVERYONE was great! It's a good sign that we needed extra takes because we were all cracking up (laughing) so much!

This whole thing has been like a religious experience for me, and I'm not religious by nature. I've never seen such amazing teamwork and dedication -- not just from our actors but from Ryan and his crew (Elisa, Arthur, Tracy, Sara). And I'm blown away by the performances that we're getting, I mean the way that they are bringing our vision to life!

It's gonna tons of fun when we get the Bill Gill mask (in a month or so).

Thanks, everyone!

Steve E.

2007-08-27 18:11:42 GMT
Thanks guys, I really am cringing at the costume but Ryan has been there for me and it's just the right thing to do that I do the same for him and put my best effort into this.

And besides being an A.D. and playing second fiddle to Defective Man, I am also a great soundtrack artist, so if you have a horror movie that needs scary music or just some sort of ambient or beat driven or even electro/guitar driven action theme, let me know. (that means I need to update those songs.)

2007-08-28 20:49:23 GMT
Art, you rock; both because you stepped up to don the horn, and you literally ROCK. Anyone looking for creepy, atmospheric, industrial, noisy electronica should check out WURM, Art's electronic project. Actually, if you look on the "online videos" section of SB-Films, there is a video for a WURM track that I shot. Support Art! Both art, musical and thematic, and Art, the musician and filmmaker!
2007-08-28 22:25:48 GMT
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