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Did I Mention We Have a Horndog?
This post is to announced that we've finally cast our Horn Dog, and I think we got it right this time.  Sara introduced us to DICKIE COLLINS (Will in "Just Buried") and he has signed up to don the horn.  We're muy excited to have him.  Now that he's on we're back into trying to get some tape hammered out. 

We will be shooting this weekend and would love some extras for an office scene.  We also have a few small speaking roles available, so if you want to come out for a few hours on Sunday we'd really appreciate it!  email me - - and lemme know if you're interested.  There will be no pay or anything like that, but there will be free food and credit in the film.

The footage we shoot this weekend will be the opening of the film, the introduction to the characters of Defective Man and Horn Dog.  We also will be shooting out Mr. Rafferty, the hero's boss, and The Businesswoman, a "pythonesque" lots of talking joke.  Also we will be shooting the very opening scenes of the film, with our Young Man and Middle-Aged Man fighting in a bathroom, and also the firing of Defective Man and Horn Dog.  Bathroom fights, sexual harrasment, litigation, all with a man in a lone-ranger mask and his side kick with a cock on his head.  Fun fun fun!

Oh, and by the way, we were mentioned on Trent Haaga's page - - go by and check it out.  Leave him some comments so he knows you're reading!
2007-08-24 13:15:20 GMT
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