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What a Weekend!
Man, I'm tired.  So tired that I am just now getting to the blog about this weekend.

Trent Haaga flew in Friday and after work I picked him up from Burning Paradise Video (Central & 8th street - all your cult flick needs in one store!)  I had originally planned to shoot Friday night, and I'm so glad we DIDN'T.  Friday we went to the WORLD PREMIER of Scott (Stink of Flesh) Phillip's new film (starring Trent and AD'd by me) Gimme Skelter.  I saw the rough cut a few months ago, so I already knew it was going to be good.  But DAMN, WAS IT GOOD!  Brutal and funny and well-acted and well-edited... actually, my only issue with the film AT ALL was some of the music, but as Scott has said "this isn't the final sound mix" so that might not even be an issue by the time it's 100% done.  It was so damn good... and it opened to a packed house.  And yes, I realize that I covered this is my last blog.  It deserved another mention.

Saturday we got to makin' movies bright and early (up by 7, people there by 8:30) at Casa de Mowry.  We got Ronny Tobins (Trent) and Hevvy Flo's (Haylee Nelson) scenes at Hevvy Flo's house done.  Done there, we headed to our "Water Treatment Plant" (Garcia's Tents on Arvada) to get Ronny's last scens of the movie done.  Then we went out to Bernalillo for the GS cast/crew BBQ.  THEN, to make the day just a little bit longer, I took Trent to the Guild again to make an appearance at the GS showings that night.  What a day.

Sunday we were back at the Guild before noon to shoot Ronny's "motivational speaker" scenes (Thanks, Keif).  It was a lot of fun.  We ended up with fewer extras than we had hoped, but they were full of energy (and we even got a chance to slip my pal Jeremy Owen - of GS and Stink of Flesh and others - in the audience) and they put on a great performance.  We also ended up with a great oppertunity to get Elske (Poultrygeist, All the French are Whores) McCain in the flick, as she graciously stepped into the role of Martha at the last minute.  And we were done with 15 minutes to spare.  What a weekend.

Scenes shot: 42*, 43, 45, 51, 63, 64, 77, 79, 96, 117*, 118, 121

*missing a couple of pick-ups still

Scenes done: 30 out of 134

Amount of DM! shot: 22%
2007-08-15 00:06:35 GMT
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