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It's All Wide From Here On In
So we have acquired our last missing piece of equipment, a Panasonic AG-LA7200G.  If you're wondering, that's an anamorphic wide angle lens.  That means that Defective Man! will be in true 16:9 widescreen, we won't have the fake black bars on top and bottom, we won't have any compression to make the picture quality degrade, no NO, it will truly be in widescreen.  I think this will be a great aid once we get to the "looking for distribution" stage of this project.  However, at the current moment, we're no where even near that stage!  Here's a re-cap of what we've got to make this thing:

-Panasonic DVX-100A (soon with a true 16:9 wide angle lens)

-Azden shotgun mic with good quality boom and hock mount and the accessories

-Smith Victor lighting kit

-iMac to edit

-Trent Haaga & Monique Dupree & a host of other talent

So now we need to get our locations DOWN and we're good to go!

2007-03-17 14:07:57 GMT
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Excellent blog, Ryan! I'm glad that you got your new computer up and running.

Steve Eckles here, to rally support for DEFECTIVE MAN! As Ryan says, we're getting down to the wire for filming; and we need to finalize props, crew, and locations. We've got a good start on location scouting, but some of the locations that we still need would be:

1.) A retail storefront (interior and exterior), or any small space with a large window that could pass for a Travel Agency.

2.) A fair-sized auditorium or meeting room, preferably with chairs and a podium. (A movie theater or a performance space would be great!).

3.) An office conference room, furnished with a large table and chairs, that could hold 10 to 15 people.

4.) Some quiet street locations where we could film without being harassed by concerned citizens.

There are a few other locations that we might need, but these (above) are the most critical. The thing is, we need them for little or no money.

As far as props, we don't need too many exotic items or dangerous toys, but we will need to print up some custom T shirts and assemble some spandex (or equivalent) superhero costumes as cheaply as possible. Other props that we could hopefully BORROW would include:

1.) Two department store manequins, one male and one female. (not anatomically correct, unless ...) I know that this sounds weird, but these are hard to find these days! Most stores are now using mere TORSO manequins (headless and armless). Maybe it's just cheaper that way, or maybe the full body manequins were too high maintenance.

2.) Some used furniture that we could borrow for a few days (a sofa, two or three chairs, a coffee table, an old bed). I will personally pick them up and bring them back to you unharmed. I swear!

We'll also need volunteers for hair and makeup, miscellaneous crew members, and kind folks who will feed us on the set. Once again, this is low budget, so ...

That's all that I've got for now. If you have any questions, contact THE MAN (Ryan) at this SB-Films site, or on MySpace.

Vaya con dildos,

Steve E.

2007-03-19 06:51:08 GMT
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