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Grrr Argh
So we were supposed to be filming in about 46 minutes.  At about 10:30, a call came in that pretty much stuck the fork in that one.  SO we're not fling today... unless some sort of miracle happens in the next hour or two.

Grrr.  Argh.

So in some non-DM related news, I recently designed the Myspace profile for Chris Seaver's new epic of lowbrow cinema, Teenape Goes to Camp.  Attached above is one of the images I designed for the page.  If you've never seen a LBP flick (Seaver's productions), you're missing out.  As long as you don't mind being offended - every one of his flicks (in my experience) are offensive as hell... in a really good way, because they're funny as hell!  Hell's not really funny, more painful, but you get the idea thanks to the lame cliche.  Anyway, go to Best Buy or Amazon and plink down a few dollars for some Seaver goodness... I reccomend:

Carnage for the Destroyer (see my review here, last one on the bottom of the page)

The Flithy McNasty Trilogy

Mulva & Mulva 2

You can buy them right from LBP here:

So go get some.  And don’t say I didn’t warn you.

2007-07-28 17:22:42 GMT
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