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Captain Orange Piss Says: "Buy Monsoon Cologne"
Today went well, other than the fact that I've already typed this blog once and it magically disappeared, and for the fact that New Mexico's lovely monsoon season made another appearance, cutting us one scene short of what I wanted to shoot out in Rio Rancho today.  Originally, the cologne Captain Orange Piss is hocking above was called "Sunset" but we re-named it "Monsoon" today... seemed more fitting.

We got scene 41 done, which is a lot of fun and I think I'm going to edit it into a teaser trailer for Defective Man!  In the script, scene 41 starred Captain Orange Piss, a Little Girl, and Pookums - a cat.  But as soon as the starring feline got outside, the cat was gone in an instant, refusing to be on camera.  We tried a second cat, and the result was almost the same.  So on comes (after about and hour of driving to pick him up) Clamps - the ferret - to play the role of Pookums.  And I have to say, he did a really good job!

I also went out and got the Random City Street shots done today, and I think they also were quite successful.

Anyway, coming soon: a teaser for DM!  Next weekend: the Office scenes.

Scenes shot: 24, 27, 35, 41, 66, 81, 107

Scenes done: 9 out of 134

Amount of DM! shot: 6.7%

2007-07-22 23:36:49 GMT
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I nominate Clamps the ferret for the "Spirit" Award. Talk about a class act; he saved the day for sure!

As for my cats, they will be punished (Driving priveleges revoked, and no TV for a week).

I can't wait for the office scenes! Those are gonna be hilarious!

--Steve E.
2007-07-23 03:50:58 GMT
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