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My computer died.
So a couple of weeks ago my wonder e-machines computer started acting kinda funny. After a day or two of weirdness, my computer decided that it was done. When I would turn it on, XP would load and everything would seem to be fine... and then after a couple of minutes: "Windows is shutting down." And it did.

So I talked to a few computer savvy people about this, and got a couple of different ideas as to what the problem is. I got some software from a firend and prepared to fix this asshole computer. Well, I sat down and hit the power button, and... and... and... absolutely nothing. Nothing happened. I called the nice guys at Sandia computer and explainded my problem. I told them I had an e-amchines, and "uh-oh" was the response. "What?" I asked, and was informed that my particular series of e-machines was notorious for having the power source die, and then killing the motherboard.

So I unplugged all the dustiness and took my old computer down to their store (Wyoming & Comanche I think it was) and had them check it out. And my motherboard was blown.

SO SCREW THAT, I decided. And I used much of my tax return to get a Mac.

And now I'm back online, and shoud actually be posting to this much more often now.
2007-03-16 19:48:48 GMT
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