Defective Days
A blog covering the production of SB-Films' feature, "Defective Man!"
The Journey Begins...
So it is official, photography has begun on Defective Man! We were planning on shooting all of Captain Orange Piss' and Defective Man's "Park Bench" scenes today... however, Mother Nature was not having it. Just gotta love Albuquerque's "monsoon season." People think it doesn't rain here, and for the most part that's right... except for July or so when it rains basically every damned afternoon. So we got COP's scenes shot and told Defective Man not to bother driving out to Rio Rancho today.  So we didn't get as much as planned on tape, but it's a start!

Scenes shot: 53, 55

Scenes done: 2 out of 134

Amount of DM! shot: 1.5%

2007-07-15 23:43:25 GMT
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