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new job, and a little GS update
I was offered a new job yesterday, and I am all over it like stink on cheese.  I will be starting July 9th, and it's a normal, m-f, 8-5, job-type-job.  So this means that the weekends are free to start getting Defective Man immortalized on DV.  Woo!

For anyone who did NOT know, I was the Assistant Director and Co-Director of Photography of Scott (The Stink of Flesh) Phillip's latest film, Gimme Skelter.  The poster above was created by Kurly Tlapoyawa and suppsedly will be fore sale at the PREMIER SCREENING OF GIMME SKELTER AT THE GUILD!!!  That's right, the preimer has finally been set - August 10 - 12th at the Guild Cinema in Albuquerque.  This is gonna be a really sick and twisted roller-coaster ride of a flick, and I hope everyone will come out and support Albuquerque indy film by coming to at least ONE of the showings!  The film stars Gunnar (Leatherface) Hansen, Trent (Toxic Avenger IV) Haaga, Elske (Goat Sucker) McCain, Billy (Collecting Rooftops) Garberina, Kurly (The Stink of Flesh) Tlapowaya, Ashley (Beerfest) Bryce, Devin (Science Bastard) O'Leary,  and too many more for me to keep typing.  Lots of cool local (and much bigger) talent, in a cool psycho-drama-slasher flick.  Oh, and I pop up in there too, memorable only for my whiter-than-pure light legs.  It's goinna be a great movie and I hope you all will come out and see it! 

Here's the trailer:
2007-06-22 14:56:13 GMT
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