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Long Time, No Blog
So I realize that I have not been on here much lately.  I blame my work, as we have recently got a new head honcho who has passed down edicts of "work more, work harder" to the entire company.  So we're now expected to do more stuff on the same salary and on the same amount of labor dollars.  So I haven't had much time to write anything, or the mindset to write anything, as when I get home at night I'm usually really tired.  So that's why I'm writing this in the morning.  So, some updates:

Defective Man!

...has been postpened, as I mentioned before.  I am trying to get our major cast togther to see if we can start shooting on Sundays for the time being.  I'd like to get some of the easy stuff (park bench, heroe's hideout scenes) done so we can start putting footage in the bag.  Steve has been hard at work getting the costumes togther, and as soon as he has those ready I'd like to start shooting some stuff!


...has been shot and the rough cut is assembled; CLUSTER clocks in at just under 6 minutes.  There are still a couple of shots missing, but they shouldn't change the running time by more than a second or two.  Now I just need to get my sound effects in place and learn how to do this color correction thing correctly!  CLUSTER also needs some after effects work in there... guess I need to figure that out as well!

Mile 173 still in the works.  I want to get this one shot out next, one Saturday ro Sunday night would most likely be enough, as this one will probably end up being about the same running time as CLUSTER. 

So that's that with the SB-Films world.  Sorry it's been so long, I'll try to keep up with this better...
2007-06-13 13:53:13 GMT
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