Defective Days
A blog covering the production of SB-Films' feature, "Defective Man!"
The decision has been made: Defective Man! is being postponed. We had some issues we had to overcome, and Steve and I did not want to make a half-assed film, so we've decided to push filming back, most likely to the beginning of August.

Our issues were mostly people and place issues. We lost our Bill Gill, and then we replaced him, just in time to lose our Horn Dog. We found a good replacement for Horn Dog, who then only had a short window of oppertunity to make his own film... can't fault him for that! So we're STILL down a Horn Dog.

Also we had some locations that we had a really hard time getting. Funny, the massive warehouse/water plant location that I thought would be hard to find was one of the first places we locked in - and it is run by a cool guy who has theater expierence and said he would clear out areas for us and build sets/props for us; how awesome is that? Steve also locked us an office location, we have houses, and a park bench... the only locations we've not locked in are a Convience Store, Playhouse (found one that wants $, still looking to see if we can find one willing to work for trade - we'll make a commercial for them - or free) and the Strip Club. We found a Strip Club that is willing to let us work there, but the days they were available were not condusive to the actors schedules...

So people and places. We've got (almost) every piece of equipment we need to make the film (we're just missing some small miscellaneous stuff like sandbags and gaffer's tape), and we've still got the majority of the actors available (made sure of that BEFORE deciding to postpone), so we just need to lock in these locations, and get everyone ready to make this campy comedy!

2007-05-12 14:26:46 GMT
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