Defective Days
A blog covering the production of SB-Films' feature, "Defective Man!"
Enter the Fish
So Steve has received the monitor, so were good on equipment minus the miscellaneous accessories we'll need - gaffer's tape, sandbags, etc.

We've also re-cast Bill Gill: Paul Alsing (who is also going to be The President of New Mexico) will be our man in a mask.  Now our problem may be that Horn Dog is having 2nd thoughts... no decisions yet, I hope he'll stay, but it looks like chances are not so good.

I should have the scedule pretty much made up within a week, just need to see what days are best for the locations.  And we still need a strip club!

Also, on the CLUSTER front, we now have everything we need for props and whatnot, we just have to find a time that is condusive to filming for myself, Arthur, and Brian.  Once we can pin that down, this lil' flick will be shot.

2007-04-27 14:09:09 GMT
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