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A blog covering the production of SB-Films' feature, "Defective Man!"
Don't believe me...
had another rehearsal today, and I can see this movie in my head now, with most of the actors in place.  I think it's gonna be pretty damned funny, but don't believe me, I'm just the director. 

We are now done on equipment except for a few miscallenous items (gels, sandbags, gaffer's tape, etc.), as we have procured a montior that should be here any day now.  So we're done with equipment.  I should have the script borken up by scene, location, actor, etc. soon and I can come up with our schedule, and as soon as we can set that (as most of our locations are coming togther now) we can get plane tickets for Trent Haaga and Monique Dupree, our out-of-state actors for this flick.  Costumes will be put togther soon, and then we'll be ready to go.  And I've found a craft-services guy to take car of our food needs (unless he ends up with a PAYING craft-services gig... can't blame him for that!), so things are about ready to get rolling on this flick. 

I can't wait.
2007-04-22 23:31:32 GMT
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I must say, we've got some EXCELLENT actors, and we are very lucky to have them! This is gonna be great!!

Steve E.

--Steve E.
2007-04-24 20:54:19 GMT
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