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Pooper Scooper
Just a quick lil' update here.  We are having a rehearsal - which will probably another read-thru, but with myself actually jumping in this time - this Sunday.  Hopefully we'll have all 3 heroes there (Bill Gill is still un-filled) this time, I think we will.  According to Steve, our locations are coming togther, we just need a Strip Club and we'll have the majority of our major locations.  So DM! goes well.

Hopefully, this Saturday night we will be shooting CLUSTER, as long as we can get everybody togther.  I've got the equipment to shoot it, I just need to procure a couple of gels today.  Arthur has wrangled us a gun... I hate using a gun, but they don't make realistic looking fakes anymore, except in BB guns, but those all look like automatics, not revolvers.  So I'm still debating if I'm going to go out and buy a new BB gun today, or go with the real gun Art can wrangle... no bullets mind you.  None.  Ever.  Nowhere NEAR the gun.  Ever.  I still don't want a real one, though.  I also have the effects, and it looks like Art and I will be doing the effects on this one.  Should be a quick shoot, 3 or 4 hours at most.  Hopefully it won't be rainy out, as I have one shot from the outside that I need.  Could always get that one later if needed...

So that's the scoop on the DM!/CLUSTER poop.  More to come!
2007-04-13 16:59:38 GMT
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