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Hi there.  My name’s D. Ryan Mowry, and I’m the CEO and co-founder of SB-Films, along with the Queen of SB-Films, Elisa Martin.  This blog is to keep anyone interested up to date on what’s going on with us.  So I guess I’ll start off with a quick re-cap of who we are and what we’ve done so far.

SB-Films was born in Kaiserslautern, Germany, in 2000 under the name Sneuwbal Films.  Elisa and Ryan we good friends who both shared an interest in filmmaking.  Elisa had a story for a short film, and together they developed that story into the 30 page script, knuckleheads - a story about the stupid things you do while you’re waiting.   Ryan and his wife / assistant director, Tracy, got a tax refund and a camera (a Sony DCR-TRV520) was purchased.  The producer of the film, known only as Sebo to most people, rounded up lights, a mic, and a reel-to-reel.

With equipment in place, knuckleheads began shooting April 21st, in Elisa’s apartment and on the streets of Kaiserslautern.  The majority of the film was finished in just a few days.  This is where the trouble begins.  At the time Ryan did not have any way to edit the film, and he and his wife soon moved to Albuquerque, NM.  However, the sound stayed in Kaiserslautern.  Eventually, Ryan edited a rough-cut of the film on a new computer purchased with editing in mind (another bad idea as Ryan was talked into the value of an e-machines… let’s just leave it at that), using the on-camera sound.  

Ryan found the local cable-access channel, and took some classes there.  He and Tracy eventually convinced Elisa to also move to ABQ, and when she did, Elisa and Ryan started the public access show Time Has Come.  The show was sketch comedy in the vein of Monty Python’s Flying Circus or Mr. Show, though not nearly as good as either of those examples!  The show ran for two whole episodes, and then peoples scheduling conflicts became too much for the show.

TromaDance New Mexico 2005 came to town - this was the inaugural year for the spin-off of Troma’s Park City festival.  Ryan re-edited the sketches from the TV show, both aired and un-aired, into a sketch comedy film, cleverly titled Time Has Come (the Film)Time Has Come was accepted into the festival.  SB-Films followed Time Has Come with a pair of films: After the End (act I) and Before the End: the Making of 1/3 of a Movie.

After the End was a zombie stoner comedy, inspired by the demographics of Ryan’s workplace and local comedian Max Rudin’s stand up.  Ryan was the assistant manager of a large video store in ABQ, and noticed that stoner comedies rented extremely often from his store, as did zombie movies.  Max’s stand-up was also of the stoner comedy vein.  Ryan put the two together and came up with a zombie stoner comedy, set 10 years after a devastating nuclear war.  The film was being made with equipment borrowed from the aforementioned TV station.

The TV station, after allowing us use of their equipment for approx. 6 weekends (our original schedule, which fell far behind quite quickly, again due to scheduling a no-budget production) then denied our extension, and After the End became After the End (act I).  Ryan edited together what he could into the 1st act of the film, and a few previews of scenes later in the film that had already been completed.  The film was accepted into the 2006 TromaDance NM festival, and only ever got one (extremely horrible) review.  Elisa’s making-of, Before the End, was also accepted into the festival, and ran to much better review (none written, but it had a better response in the screening).

These films were followed in 2006's TromaDance NM by another short, Ryan’s Nacht van de Duivel DVD-Speler, which can be viewed (along with clips from and the intro to Time Has Come and the preview for After the End) at

What’s next?  Well, there are two more shorts in the works - a visual metaphor known as CLUSTER, and a re-telling of the Resurrection Mary ghost story in ABQ titled Mile 173 - and a feature, Defective Man!DM! is a campy superhero comedy that was originally written by Rio Rancho native Steve Eckles.  Steve contacted Ryan with the script, said he wanted to make it a movie, and asked Ryan’s help as director.  Ryan offered to work on the script as well, and four drafts later a shooting script was done.  Steve is producing the film, and has helped SB-Films acquire the equipment needed to make sure another film with a subtitle of act I is not made again!

SB-Films will be shooting DM! this summer, in and around ABQ.  Ryan will be both the director and director of photography for the film, shooting it on a Panasonic DVX-100A. Steve will be producing and helping on the crew.  Our cast is mostly cast, and we’re proud to announce that  it includes the “First Black Scream Queen” Monique Dupree ( and Troma regular Trent Haaga (, as well as a lot of ABQ talent!

So that gets you up to speed.  Keep an eye out here for more updates!

2007-03-01 16:27:15 GMT
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